Ticket FAQ

What time do shows begin?

Evening performances begin at 7:00 PM

Matinees begin at 2:00 PM

Due to the nature of our venue, there is no late seating. 

What happens if I'm late for a show?

To maintain the intimacy of our theatre, no late seating is permitted. You may wait until intermission to be seated, but your original seating can not be guaranteed.

Can you guarantee our whole party can sit together?

No. All seats are general admission and are on a first come first serve basis. You are welcome to show up at the theatre up to an hour before the show starts. This will pretty much guarantee that you get your pick of the seats as you will be one of the first in line. The closer to showtime, the harder it will be for large groups to sit together. If you've purchased tickets for the show and can't find seats together, we would be happy to switch them for another day, provided that day is not sold out, but we do not refund tickets the day of the show because of seating arrangements. 

Can I use my season tickets or performance tickets for the summer musicals or other special events?

No. Our summer musicals and other events are at a different price point. Season tickets and performance tickets can only be used for our main stage productions at our main theatre on Harvard. 

What if I can't attend a show I have already purchased tickets for?

UACT does not offer refunds on purchased tickets. All sales are final. Ticket exchanges may be made as late as 24 hours prior to the scheduled performance, but may only be exchanged for that same production if tickets are available. 

What about inclement weather?

Under extreme circumstances in which weather makes travel impossible, please contact our Box Office at 541-673-2125.

What is the earliest I can show up at the theatre?

On evening performances, the theatre opens at 6:00 PM and the auditorium opens at 6:30  PM.

Matinee performances, the theatre opens at 1:00 PM and the auditorium opens at 1:30 PM.

Do you have seating available for wheelchairs?

 Yes. Our auditorium offers two spaces for wheelchairs or walkers. 

How young is too young to be an audience member?

All children vary in social environments. We, however, request that children 3 and under not attend performances regardless of the show's target audience. 

As for the nature of show's material, we leave it to the parent's discretion to judge if they deem a production appropriate for their child to watch. We always recommend looking into the production from various websites to make that judgement call if you are unsure if you should bring your child or not. 

If I have to bring my young child and have them sit in my lap, do they have to pay for a ticket?

We will refer you to our recommended age of 3 and older, but if you have to bring a young child and prefer to hold them in your lap, they still must pay a child ticket price regardless if a seat is being taken. This request is simply made because most young children cry during performances. This makes it rather difficult for the other paying patrons to enjoy the show. That said, we will request all infants to not attend the show. 



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