UACT is pleased to announce our 42nd season of community theatre! We hope you will join us next year as we present a spectacular array of productions that were carefully selected to bring you the best entertainment possible. Membership and season tickets will be available for purchased in July, 2019

Our casts are inter-generational, often family members working side by side. Volunteers who perform at UACT build personal skills that are useful in other areas of life outside the theatre. Volunteers who work on our productions strive for quality to offer the best possible entertainment experience for audiences in our community. For audiences, community theatre offers a gateway to new worlds of experiences, emotion, and knowledge. For small communities such as ours, UACT is often the first introduction to the performing arts. 

UACT produces a wide range of theatre productions which are volunteer led and involve several hundred volunteers during the course of each theatre season.

PO Box 839 

1614 West Harvard Ave

Roseburg, OR 97471