It's your time to shine, AGAIN! For the second year, starting Monday March 22, UACT will be holding its annual talent competition for all Douglas County students grades 1-12, and it's all digital! That's right! Send us a 3 minute or less video of you singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, doing a comedy routine, performing magic, reciting a monologue, doing pottery, showing us your mad basketball skills. ANYTHING! We just want to see you perform and tap into your creative side. We still want to encourage solo performances because of social distancing. Just like last year, you will competing against kids your age. We will separate everyone into three groups:

GROUP 1- Grades 1-4
GROUP 2- Grades 5-8
GROUP 3- Grades 9-12

Through the generosity of our sponsors, Jim and Jennifer Smith, they have decided to increase the prizes this year!





There was a surprise grand prize last year and we would hate to break from tradition. Out of all the acts submitted, there will be one $250 Grand Prize Winner!

Starting Monday March 22, there will be a link for you to follow so you can start to fill out the submission form. Then you upload your video link (from Vimeo, YouTube, or other video sharing site) to the form and hit submit. Please make sure we are able to access your video from the video sharing site.  All videos must be recorded between Wednesday March 17, 2021 and April 16, 2021. That's it! The competition HAS BEEN EXTENDED and will end on April 16 and the winners will be announced on April 23. 
So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, be creative, and let's see how talented Douglas County can be! Official rules and guidelines can be found below. All questions can be emailed to





Performers may be solo, duets, or larger groups. If you are in a group performance, we will place you in the category based on the oldest member of the group.

Animal performances are not allowed.

All performances must be no longer than 3 minutes in length.

Video submissions must be filmed between March 17, 2021-April 16, 2021. Previously recorded submissions will not be accepted. 

One entry per person or group. A person can only perform in one act.

This is a family event. All acts, lyrics, dancing, costumes, attire, language, and behavior must be appropriate for all ages. 

Only one prize will be awarded per group for first, second, third, fourth, and grand prize winners, whether it is an individual, duo, or group act. 

Winners will be contacted via phone for distribution of prizes.


Family members of judges are excluded from winning but may still participate.


All entries must be received by April 16. 

All winners will be announced April 23.

PO Box 839 

1614 West Harvard Ave

Roseburg, OR 97471