Playwriting Competition Winners 


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Tolley Evans

"Being retired from acting doesn’t mean being retired from theatre. It started out as a completed three hour comedic opera, I then realized this didn’t meet the criteria for submission. So, after taking out all the musical compositions and singing, I was left with less than ten minutes of dialogue, which kept the theme I had intended. Satisfied, I submitted my entry in the competition, much to the operatic world’s loss.

Writing dialogue is much harder than acting or directing said dialogue. Just getting started is the hard part. Once you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, you’ll find the characters take on a life of their own and literally tell you where they want to go, you’re just the physical instrument bringing them to life. Hopefully, they tell an interesting story for all to enjoy.

As with any of the arts, to succeed, all you need is the most important required element…PASSSION. You never know what you’re capable of until you try. Don’t ever give up."

PASSING TIME-Written by Tolley Evans
Directed by Martin Follose
Performed by David Jones and Patricia Duerfeldt

Two people meet at the park for the first time. As they chat, one talks about their hobby of collecting bugs, the other collects something quite different.

About the Playwright


About the Playwright

LETTERS IN THE ATTIC-Written by Katie Windsor

Directed by Christina Moroney
Performed by Abby, Raegan, and Jannie Prawitz

Two college-age sisters are home for winter break when they accidentally discover a box of old letters in the attic. As they read, they get sucked into a story of love, intrigue…and murder?


My inspiration for writing Letters In The Attic was being given an opportunity! My inspiration comes from my imagination. It comes from a sense of wanting to entertain people, even if for just a short amount of time. To give them something else to think about when they've had a bad day, long day, or stressed. Or even just to make them think. I have been writing since I was 14. I was a troubled teen and had been kicked out of school. I went to live with relatives to help me get back on the right path. I was also an avid liar. So, when my auntie gave me a journal, I used it to craft my stories. Instead of lying to others around me I created stories instead. The only experience I have in " theatre" was drama class in High school. I loved entertaining people but at the expense of getting into trouble. Hence why I turned to writing instead of acting. I have been dreaming, since I was 14, to show the world my storytelling. I was nervous but knew it was time to take that LEAP. I am currently working on 2 stories and hoping to publish soon. I also try to write frequently for the News Review. Outside of writing, I am an avid fisherman, hunter, outdoors enthusiast. My advice for anyone wanting to write is just to GO FOR IT! Let your words be heard, take feedback and criticism to craft your talent. Enjoy writing! Never think its wrong, remember that when you write you can take the audience anywhere in the universe.

Katie Windsor
Letters In The Attic

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