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About UACT

We are happy to be celebrating our 45th season as an organization and 30th year at the Betty Long Unruh Theatre. 

The Betty Long Unruh Theatre was originally built in 1917 as an armory. It sat vacant for many years until 1987, when the organization was looking for a permanent home and came across the empty building. Seeing the building's potential, the board sought out a donor. Dr. John Unruh answered the call and the old armory was reborn into the Betty Long Unruh Theatre.

Just two years earlier, Dr. Unruh's wife, Betty Long Unruh, was killed by a drunk driver on January 23, 1985. Since they both enjoyed the Performing Arts, Dr. Unruh was instrumental in establishing this theatre in 1987 in her memory, thus naming it, The Betty Long Unruh Theatre. 

Portrait of Betty Long Unruh

Painted by her husband, Dr. John Unruh

Self Portrait of Dr. John Unruh

There is a memorial wall in the lobby honoring Dr. John Unruh and his contributions to the theatre. 

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