Membership and Season Tickets

We are not offering season tickets for our 2021-2022 season
Summer productions or special events are not included in season ticket packets

Bravo- $50
Encore- $100
Producer- $150
Director- $250
Business- $250
Gold Angel- $500
Emerald Sponsor- $500
See graph below for membership level perks

Your commitment to our success, as both a theatre goer and financial supporter, is essential. As a community supported non-profit theatre, UACT relies on donations from individuals, foundations and corporate partners to sustain the quality of its artistic work and the effectiveness of its education and community programs. Ticket purchases cover just half of what is needed to meet the theatre's annual operating budge. We hope you'll continue to share our vision that theatre is a community partnership and an invaluable resource for adults and youth alike. For a season ticket and membership form, click here.

Your support 

  • helps us to keep the price of tickets low so that live theatre can be accessible to everyone

  • helps us maintain the quality of sets and costumes

  • enriches the theatre experience for everyone