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Written and directed by
Martin Follose

It has been a difficult year for the BAT Theatre. (Back Again Theatre, aka, Bad Actor’s Theatre.) But with lawsuits behind them and fresh new script, they are “back again”. They may be a little out of step as they try to keep the show intact. The  widowed Mrs. Covington is dead. Her son, Edgar Covington has won the court battle between him and his half-sister, Agatha, for the entire estate and immediately puts the manor up for sale. But Agatha won’t go down without a fight. She hires two bone heads to scare any potential buyers away. It’s a hilarious time with mishaps from beginning to the end. If you don’t laugh at this one, you must be having tea with Mrs. Covington. 

May 26-June 19, 2022
Performing at UACT