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Help Desk-by Don Zolidis
Directed by Ashley Chitwood and Melody Schwegel


When: Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays
               March 12-21,  2021

Time: It's on demand so ANYTIME
Tickets: ONLY $5 per stream

A typical day at the Help Desk includes, assisting valued customers with their everyday problems like, logging on to the internet, returning items, telling your problems to a clown, purchasi....wait, what? Customer service representatives hear just about everything, and the clown is only the beginning 
Join 28, past and present, UACT performers from all over the world in this hilarious full length virtual production as they help problem solve everyday demands like requests, complaints, purchases, ...being poisoned, ...being conned. All this and more while abiding by the Help Desk golden rule, "The customer is always right"...except when they're not. 



Help Desk- Streaming On Demand